Does Size Matter?

Let me rephrase? Does DRESS size matter? What were you thinking? Out the gutter ladies! Well, does dress size matter? In my Quest 4 the Dress I was shocked to know I can wear a size 10 dress in the streets but went wedding dress shopping and needed size 14! At first, I only picked up 10’s and 12’s. Remember I said I was a wedding planner for years? I used to always tell ladies to look at the fit, not the size! But when I walked in, that was all I could look at! I kept thinking, “I worked too damn hard to be trying on a 14!”

“Do you know how much you weigh?” This was whispered to me in 7th grade by my dance instructor during our physicals because apparently weighing 148lbs in middle school was an embarrassing thing!  I did not get the memo until right then! From then on, I started to look at my body differently. At 13, I was 5’5” and was taller, bigger and thicker than all my friends. In pictures, I am towering over them. Was I fat? I did all the same things they did, worked out the same way, ate the same things, kept up with them on the dance floor.

My bestie at 8th grade graduation!middle school in orange

I used to HATE shopping! Hate is a strong word but necessary to get my meaning across. Especially hated shopping for formal wear! You see, the Dias women were built Ford Tough! We are very curvaceous women with hips and thighs for days and a tiny waist in comparison. Some may see this as good thing, but at age 14 wearing a size 14 pants, shopping was a bit of a struggle in the juniors department. When high school came, majority of the time,  I wore my big brother’s clothes or shopped in the men’s department. The pants fit better and I was guaranteed to walk out with something.

Then reality, well my grandmother’s reality, set in. Helen Dias, my grandma, had been every size from 8-18 in a matter of a year! Before you start rattling off something you heard on the show “Doctors” that is not the point. My grandma believed you may not be the right size, but right now, you are that size! She used to say,

“I don’t care what size you are! You not gone look no damn fool around me!”

My grandma taught me and my sisters that you better love whatever skin you are in at the moment. She was not going to tell you to not lose weight if you needed to but at that particular moment, you were not about to lose weight tomorrow! Might as well look damn good with the body you have!

Grandparents when they bought their first house. She made that fashionable outfit!

gma in gold

My grandma out at an event! Yes, she made both dress and turbin!









My mother had that “ford tough body” I told you about. Big hips, smaller waist and shopping was a problem. I grew up watching my mother sew every dress she wore to work. She was beautiful, all her dresses fit immaculately.  That is when I learned how to sew. She always believed if I couldn’t find what I was looking for, MAKE IT! So I did.

L-R: Junior Prom, HS Graduation, College Freshman

L-R: Junior Prom, HS Graduation, College Freshman















After I learned how to sew, my confidence boosted immediately. First, because I thought I never had to go dress shopping again, and second because I was now able to make dresses fit the way I wanted. I was learning that beauty was something you exude. It is how you carry yourself, your demeanor, your confidence, not your size. You just can’t buy theses dresses!

I attended a private event with Project Runway winner Mychal Knight and I had to ask him what he thought about this age old question… Does size matter?

I leave you with this wonderful quote my sister posted on Instagram!

Plus Size modelTell me your thoughts on this touchy subject below. Does size matter?



  1. Stacey Lancaster says

    Great Read!! It’s funny about 60% of brides are considered plus size!!! Theyre actually getting proposed to…

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