The Worst Day of my Life!


This day sucked!

I have heard horror stories about curvy girls going wedding dress shopping and mine is one for the books! It started out pretty good….

First, I did not have an appointment. This is a major no-no ladies! If you want top notch service you should schedule an appointment. I did call ahead and the salesperson said just come on in so I did. As a wedding planner, I have always been on the other end of the drama so it was interesting to see how the other side feels. It was the weekend after I got engaged and I just wanted to get some feelers out there of what I wanted. I show up and was greeted fairly quickly by a kind woman and was told to look around and when a dressing room was available she would notify me.

Let me get one thing clear, this unnamed bridal store had a nice variety of sizes and designs which made me feel pretty good.

Sidebar: for those who are about to try on wedding dresses, DO NOT LOOK AT SIZES! There is street size and bridal size. My street size is 10 but bridal size is 12-14. Expect to go up one to two dress sizes when looking for wedding dresses and THAT IS OK!  Every designer has their own sizing guide so it might be best to do some research so you aren’t in shock.

Back to my story, I began to try on dresses and I wanted a sexy dramatic look and everything I was seeing was more classic and reserved. My style consultant found a beautiful sheath dress that had a nude underlay and ivory lace. BUT, it was a 10. I had been trying on 14’s all day! I explained this would not fit but she insisted. I tried the dress on and it was TIGHT! lol. It fit because it stretched and it was hot mama! The owner immediately saw it and said,

“Please take that off, you are going to rip it! That is an $1000 dress, you don’t fit it, you have to understand. Just…stop touching it please, just take it off!”

Pissed yet? I was! Now, if you saw her facial expression to add to the statement, you would be even more mad. I was embarrassed, annoyed, humiliated, and PISSED! I wanted to scream, cry, blush and break something at the exact same time and her sales consultant is the one who told me to try it on! I was completely depleted. My excitement was gone and, although I attempted to try on a few more dresses, it was time to go. Needless to say I did not buy anything and my Quest 4 the Dress continued!

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