Hey ladies!

IMG_4421After six years, a dog and a house… I’m finally married! I am a master organizer and spent 16 months planning the perfect destination wedding in Puerto Rico! BUT, my quest to find my perfect wedding dress left much to be desired! I am a curvy 10/12, average height and love a good high heel! This should be easy right? WRONG! Before I go into my first, and worst, wedding gown shopping experience, let me tell you a little about me!

To sum up the first quarter century of my life, I am from the Bay Area, CA, youngest of six children, (until my mom had two more right before I left for college!). I graduated from a college as far as possible from my hometown that would give me a full scholarship and started my career as an Asst. Private Event Director planning weddings and events for a high end Private Business Club. I got burnt out from not having weekends off to party in my early 20’s (don’t judge me, lol), looked into marketing and shifted my career into restaurant and event marketing. WHEW! Now, I am an MBA grad working in corporate world as a Marketing Director.

I never dreamed about my own wedding dress. I’ve cried at every wedding I ever planned or attended (seriously, every one!) but never saw myself in THE dress. So now it is my turn. I have a wave of emotions. What location? What venue? WHAT DRESS? I am a seamstress at heart. I have been making dresses with my mom since fourth grade when I made my picture day outfit! Since then, every major event I attended, I made my own dress. Not just any dress, a crazy, wild, sexy (mostly age appropriate) dress!

You see, I have never been skinny, never been uber popular, always played on the line of cool and dork. I was an honor roll cheerleader who also qualified for Junior Olympics throwing shotput. Confused yet? Keep up with me as I blog about my Quest 4 the Dress, my accidentally-on-purpose (I will explain later) path to entrepreneurship and my journey to becoming a strong, confident woman. I hope you will learn everything you need to know to find the perfect dress of your own, boost your confidence and become a powerhouse in both your personal and professional life…or get a good laugh hearing all the snags along the way!

Ashley Jernigan