Does Size Matter?

Let me rephrase? Does DRESS size matter? What were you thinking? Out the gutter ladies! Well, does dress size matter? In my Quest 4 the Dress I was shocked to know I can wear a size 10 dress in the streets but went wedding dress shopping and needed size 14! At first, I only picked up 10’s and 12’s. Remember I said I was a wedding planner for years? I used to always tell ladies to look at the fit, not the size! But when I walked in, that was all I could look at! I kept thinking, “I worked too damn hard to be trying on a 14!”

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Time to VOGUE! Meet & Greet with Mimi G

MEETANDGREET Flyer A couple of years ago my sister and I started a fashion and entertainment PR company The B Firm Public Relations. We were given the amazing opportunity to host a Meet and Greet for Mimi G: Fashion Blogger and Seamstress Extraordinaire. Mimi G is an uplifting “started from the bottom now we’re here” kind of woman!

MimiG pretty much makes everything she wears but also shows you how to rock store bought pieces as well! So, it was time to pull out my sewing machine! I spent hours on Pinterest pinning dresses of hers and other that I knew I wanted to make. Many of my dresses I make will come from this board!

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